Looking ahead,
we contribute to a future in view of good eyesight for all

Our sustainability strategy

Taking responsible entrepreneurship seriously, we aim to make a lasting difference for all stakeholders and the planet we live on. We take the long view and see change coming. That’s why we have developed an in depth sustainability strategy around the topics that are most material to our business and its stakeholders.

This allows us to focus our efforts on delivering the value and impact we seek to create for all our stakeholders and have a positive impact on society. We believe in integrating these sustainability into our daily processes, together with our retail labels. The following four ambitions provide the cornerstone of our corporate (sustainability) strategy.

Sustainability Journey and Ambition - 2022

Our nexeye Sustainability Ambition Report 2022 is the first report in which we publish our sustainability journey, as well as the initiatives and policies related to sustainability in the past year. The report broadly outlines the most relevant information and developments, as well as our strategy, ambitions and contribution to long-term value creation. We are currently in the process of collecting, calculating and consolidating further performance data on sustainability issues and establishing a baseline, which will enable us to manage our performance in the coming years and disclose our progress in sustainability reports.

Make good eye care and hearing care accessible

Our first ambition is to contribute to a future in view of good eyesight and hearing for all. Helping people to see better and by consequence be better seen. Giving them a better chance as developing individuals. We will do everything within the scope of our abilities as a company, to make good eyesight and hearing a reality for as many people as we can. To realize this ambition, we challenge ourselves in terms of the quality, accessibility and affordability of our products and services.

Make our operations more sustainable

While we aim to deliver the best value for money in eye and hearingcare, we are equally committed to reducing our impact on the environment by marking our operations more sustainable. Therefore we monitor our organization-wide footprint closely. Our priorities includes reducing waste from our operations and reducing CO2 emissions in our stores, offices, warehouse, logistics and transport. From more efficient, shorter supply chains, combined packaging logistics, recycling programs for instore waste to integrating more environmentally friendly and recyclable materials into our commercial and non-commercial products; all to achieve full circularity, together with our partners.

Ensure an energized and excellent workforce

We believe investing in an excellent and energized workfoce is the key to our commercial success and to realize our mission. Therefore, we support a shared vision for responsible employment, with far-reaching training and education programs at our nexeye academy. Furthermore, we stimulate our thousands of employees in all markets to perform to their full potential by nurturing talent, addressing diversity and inclusion and providing a safe and healthy environment to work and develop.

Be a responsible partner in our value chain

Given our influential role in our value chain, we take a responsibility to help ensure responsible industry practices very seriously. This includes working with partners and suppliers that care for circularity, reducing waste and CO2 emissions and that are keen on human rights and working conditions of employees. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our principles and expectations as to how organizations who supply goods and services to nexeye are to conduct business with. Each year we conduct independent ethical audits by QIMA to check the compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Good to see you

Do you have ideas to contribute to our ESG ambitions? We are always open to hear your fresh ideas or to discuss collaboration. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.