Looking ahead,
we create value in view of the future

We are a European leader in optical retail, building on our omnichannel platform to guarantee value-for-money eyecare.

Good eyecare,
affordable for all

Good eyesight is indispensable for all. Yet not accessible to everyone. As a European leader in optical retail, we – nexeye – embrace change and take the long view, making good eyecare affordable and easily accessible for all.

With our expanding ecosystem of innovative brands, we achieve unparalleled economies of scale, enabling us to deliver more with less. Our shared resources in design, product innovation and digitalization offer our customers bespoke, frictionless experiences. All with an eye for detail in retail eyecare.

The market for optics is currently seeing a trend toward integration. Meanwhile, customers are increasingly calling the shots. To address this shift, more synergy, digitalization and pooling of shared resources is needed.
Bart van den Nieuwenhof
CEO nexeye
Open growth strategy

Our path to achieving our goals lies in pooling potent resources. By empowering and expanding our portfolio of brands, acquiring new retail formulas and connecting with world class partners. But just as importantly; by embracing human development with thorough training and education across all brands – sharing knowledge, experience and expertise to help our people excel and stay in the know.

Omnichannel platform, seamless experiences

We believe that creating seamless customer journeys across all on- and offline channels creates a more rewarding experience. From orientation to discovery, exploration and even simulated fitting, our shared platform ensures that affordable quality is delivered at all touchpoints. A customer experience that ultimately contributes to a more personally tailored purchase and better eyecare.

Establishing a new norm in eyecare

Our expanding omnichannel platform of optical retail brands and partners adds up to make a real difference. From 370 stores in 2018 to 724 stores today and counting... These numbers show we mean business for better.



By collaborating with brands that add their own expertise to ours, we support synergetic progress within our ecosystem, accelerating innovation, product development and improving our service for better eyecare across our portfolio. Recently we developed the innovative DRIIVE racing glasses in collaboration with Team DSM, making this range of superior sports glasses affordable and accessible for cyclists and athletes. Do you see opportunities for collaborating with us? We are always open to new partnerships, so please don’t hesitate to express your interest.

Our leadership

Nexeye is led by a strong team of kindred spirits who each bring their own talent, experience and inspiration to the mission of generating value in view of the future.

On the lookout for new stores

We are always looking for ways to empower and expand our portfolio of brands and by finding and relocating the best possible stores. That is why we are open to connect with strong real estate partners to discuss new opportunities. New locations must meet some requirements.  If you are looking to become one of those strong partners, we look forward to meeting you.

Part of 3i

Nexeye is part of 3i Group, a leading international investment company and benefits from 3i’s financial strength, expertise and extensive experience to help realise steady growth and expansion.

Good to see you

We are always open to inquiries, discuss collaboration or hear your fresh ideas. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.