Multi-brand replatforming to boost omnichannel retail

Hans Anders has launched a new website in the Netherlands this summer. The launch has marked the start of a multi-brand replatforming of all sublabels from nexeye, which include Hans Anders, Direkt Optik and eyes + more. In collaboration with Emakina and Salesforce, the completion of the new webshop follows the website redesign and Commerce Cloud implementation.
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19 September 2022

Nexeye is powering on to become best-in-class in omnichannel retail in the European optical market. To achieve this, digital innovation is key. The webshops were running on different platforms, were outdated and had insufficient room for customer journey optimization. Hence the largest sublabel – Hans Anders – has now been replatformed first. After successful implementation of Commerce Cloud, replatforming will be rolled out across Hans Anders Belgium and the other sublabels. This multi-brand approach will facilitate faster and more efficient future implementations.

For Hans Anders, it was key to create a seamless customer journey across all on- and offline channels. The experience consumers enjoy online should be highly personal and ultimately lead to a targeted appointment in-store. Emakina’s multidisciplinary team of UX, UI and Service Design translated the user experience objectives into a new website design.

“We strongly believe in the combination of online orientation and service in-store,” says Michelle Nederveen, Group Head Product, UX and Innovation at Hans Anders. “So spreading our store appointments with Emakina‘s planning tool is very useful. Customers no longer have to wait, get our full attention and thanks to the improved user experience of the webshop, they arrive at the store well-prepared.” Check out the new Hans Anders website here.