Club More reaches 1 million members

Happy days!
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20 October 2023

Within a year, club more, eyes+more’s loyalty program, reached 1 million members. Yesterday our label celebrated this milestone at their 1 Million Party in Cologne (store Breite Straße).

eyes+more surprised customers and members with delicious free drinks and the finest Italian finger food from Casa Zarrella.  As a special highlight, visitors had the opportunity to receive styling advice from celebrity guests like Jana Ina Zarrella, Vera Int-Veen and Jana Riva.

Glasses are bought every few years. As a result, customers does not visit an optics store frequently. For eyes + more, customers are in the center of everything they do. To stay connected and engaged and give customers the feeling that they are part of eyes + more. End of 2022 eyes + more introduced club more, a free membership to let customers participate on special events, promotions, benefits and competitions. The club’s success so far has exceeded all expectations.

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eyes + more 1 million members Club More