eyes + more wins prestigious HR Excellence award

eyes + more is proud to announce its recognition at the prestigious HR Excellence Awards (HREA), which honors outstanding HR innovation in 33 diverse categories.
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29 November 2023

The optics chain was honored with an HR Excellence award for the successful implementation of a cutting-edge recruiting ecosystem at eyes + more, underlining the strategic importance of its HR approach.

The award-winning case sheds light on eyes+more effective recruitment strategy, known as ‘the recruiting ecosystem’, deeply integrated into the HR strategy. This approach, essential for the future success of eyes + more and nexeye, emphasizes targeted actions for specific audiences, forward-thinking agility and the internal integration of processes between the Retail and HR departments of the company.

Hr as a key driver to the company’s success

Jana Vagelpohl, Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding, explains: “At eyes + more, we consider an excellent and energized workforce crucial to our commercial success. Given the requirement for a registered master optician in each store, recruitment becomes vital for the company. Our aim is to attract and retain talented employees by providing attractive, rewarding career opportunities. Consequently, our HR department functions not only as a business partner but also as a key driver of the company’s success.”

eyes + more takes pride in being recognized as an inspiring example of HR strategy on a significant platform such as the HR Excellence Awards. This acknowledgment motivates the company to continue delivering value with a forward-looking perspective for colleagues and customers.