- The solar panels generate 228,000 kWh of sustainable energy - Next step is to install heat pumps and another 259 solar panels - Nexeye goes completely off gas by the end of 2023
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01 June 2023

Gorinchem – From today, Nexeye, the retail platform of optical chains Hans Anders, eyes + more and Direkt Optik, has gained 556 solar panels that will together generate 228,000 kWh of sustainable energy per year. An important step in making the building more sustainable and a contribution to the retail platform’s ESG strategy. Later this year, the company will install another 259 solar panels and eight heat pumps, going completely off gas.

One of nexeye’s ambitions to make its operations more sustainable includes reducing CO2 emissions through energy savings. The solar panels have an annual production capacity of some 325,110 kWh, more than enough to fully power the building soon.

“As nexeye, we want to make a difference for people, the environment and society. We know that we produce CO2 emissions, but we are also aware of how we can take big steps to reduce. Reducing fossil fuels, such as gas and electricity, is one of them. Last year, we mapped our footprint, and also defined our sustainability strategy,” says Bart van den Nieuwenhof, CEO nexeye. “Nexeye wants to consume as little energy as possible and use more and more renewable energy sources. With the installation of soon a total of 815 solar panels and heat pumps, we are taking an important step forward.”

Photo caption: Bart van den Nieuwenhof, CEO nexeye (right), Robert Kok, Project Manager Raysol Europe BV (centre) and Arno Bink, Procurement Officer nexeye (left) lay the last solar panel at the nexeye Service Centre in Gorinchem.

Investing in renewable energy and getting off the gas

The installation of solar panels is part of nexeye’s ESG strategy. This strategy sets out the retail platform’s ambitions, in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. In its ambition to make the operation more sustainable, nexeye’s efforts include energy saving, waste reduction, making the vehicle fleet and transport to and from the shops more sustainable by bundling shipments and using night transport.

To achieve the desired CO2 reduction and also be able to completely get rid of gas, another 259 solar panels and eight heat pumps will be installed in the coming period. These heat pumps, which will run on the energy generated by the solar panels, generate heat that will warm up the building via the radio towers. And in summer, the premises will be cooled using the heat pumps in combination with solar panel-powered air conditioners.

Retail savings

Arno Bink, procurement officer nexeye: “In our stores, we are focusing on energy savings by rolling out LED lighting, heat and cold control and since last year we also keep the doors closed as much as possible, even when the store is open. We support our teams by providing insight into their consumption and the savings measures they can take.”

Video caption: Nexeye located in Gorinchem has fitted its Service Centre and warehouse with 556 solar panels, part of its ESG strategy