Hans Anders introduces the Easy Wear Luna

- a new daily lens focusing on health, comfort, and sustainability.
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23 January 2024

Starting Monday, February 19th, Hans Anders expands its contact lens range with the Easy Wear Luna. This new lens is characterized by excellent oxygen permeability, high wearing comfort, and environmental consciousness. Easy Wear Luna lenses proudly display the Plastic Bank logo, signifying that the plastic used in production is offset by removing an equivalent amount of ocean plastic.

Promoting healthy and comfortable lens wear
Easy Wear Luna is crafted from silicone hydrogel and treated with special Aquagen technology, attracting and retaining water on the lens surface naturally. This feature ensures comfortable wear throughout the day. With a high water content of 56%, the eyes remain fresh and hydrated. The Easy Wear Luna provides superior oxygen permeability compared to traditional lenses, promoting eye health.

Packaging featuring the Plastic Bank logo
The packaging of Easy Wear Luna lenses bears the Plastic Bank logo, indicating a commitment to a plastic-neutral approach by collecting and removing ocean plastic equal to what is used in lens production. This initiative not only supports the environment but also benefits local communities by providing them with valuable incentives for collected plastic. More information about Plastic Bank can be found at